The APP Citizen Survey


The American Policing Project's Citizen Survey is a deep-dive into your views on policing services.  2016 was full of divisive rhetoric on policing services, basically painting us citizens as pro-police or pro-citizen's lives.  But clearly those are not the only options.  

This survey is meant to probe the spaces in between those extremes.  To ask ordinary citizens what we actually think about the individual issues that are directly related to satisfaction with policing services.  The questions require significant thought as they delve into difficult subjects, including:

  • What social services programs would you be willing to cut funding for in order to increase policing services?
  • Is projecting toughness a necessary policing skill?
  • How is your social media presence affecting your opinions on policing services?

Our mission is two-fold.  First - to collect true citizen data on issues of social importance, and Second - to make that data accessible in an unbiased format through a platform that is accessible to everyone.  

In taking this survey, you can help fill the spaces in the current policing effectiveness dialogue.  You'll be providing information that can be used to move the country closer to the policing services we desire.  Also, we are hoping that the survey will start a dialogue.  

These are very difficult issues and many of us are unsure of who we can openly discuss them with, and how.  We hope that the survey helps you start the conversation, by providing an opportunity to broach the subject with the people you love and trust.

Our goal is to be the home of the citizen survey.  The home of secure, up-to-the-minute data about what everyday citizens actually think about the important issues we all face.

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